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As a starting point the university gave us a pre-enrolment tast in which we had to create a manifesto in words and images or objects to represent our own creative philosophy.

'change, new, better'

MA Proposal

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Starting Point

What is about to follow is a written proposal seeking to a thorough description of how would the work during my MA study in Moving Image and Sound will develop.

Getting things from the very beginning, it is important to discuss my undergraduate degree since it is considered as the starting line of a new experience, which in order to be seen as successful and been further developed, it should be followed and well integrated with the MA study. During my undergraduate degree, BA (Hons) Animation in the Norwich University College of the Arts, I have managed to concentrate in the field of animated series.  It is important to note that a creation of three minutes animation was made which was mainly influenced from Tom and Jerry’s cartoon series. Moreover, a written dissertation accompanied my work criticizing the violence on cartoons through the series of ‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Ren and Stimpy’.  The contents included a brief description of their series followed by pointing out their violent elements either comedic or non-comedic.  The conclusion of the dissertation was produced with two comparison tables by referring to all the elements from both series and all their factors.

Having discussed my undergraduate degree it is vital to mention the importance of developing my work through the MA study. Thus, my ultimate intention is to integrate the existing knowledge gained during my undergraduate degree with the new knowledge to be derived in the MA Moving Image and Sound. Being specific, it is proposed that great emphasis is to be given on related aspects of business communication which will be closely linked with my studies.

A newly established business company, CFU Credit4U, which is mainly concentrated in the field of brokerage and consultancy services, will be applied for my studies. In specific, the use of existing and new knowledge will be helpful in acquiring the necessary skills and capabilities towards the successful development of the company’s communication strategy. Thus, the main aims of my MA study are as follows:

a)      Further development of my existing knowledge

b)      Getting new skills and capabilities through MA

c)      Application of knowledge to a real life case study, through developing business communication tools for a newly established company in Cyprus

d)     Testing the effectiveness of my work through real life results (CFU Credit 4U).

In order to have a clear understanding of the company’s main aims and strategic objectives I have managed to already arrange a couple of meetings with the General and Marketing manager of CFU Credit 4U. Doing so will further help me in developing my skills towards the effective completion of the work to be assigned for me. Both managers accepted my proposal and indeed they have presented to me the company’s communication aims and objectives. Their audiences can be customers (retail and corporate), intermediaries and promoters of their services, their staff, bank’s employees etc.

The company has already started the implementation of a communication plan where they used and/or plan to use:

1)      Webpage and intranet

2)      CD and Computer Presentations

3)      Board Animated advertising

4)      Email campaigns

5)      Brochures

As been stressed, there are some important methods of communication which can be used in the world of business. Such methods will be applicable to my case study therefore it is vital to describe what they can deliver.

The main communication methods

Intranet: The internet can deliver text, images, audio, animation, video and real time 3D graphics. The successful usage of internet towards the effective communication strategy of the company is seen as vital.

Radio:  Radio is more for public broadcast channels and has few uses for business communications. However, it is important to effectively use any communication method applicable to the company.

TV:   Television is used for public and for business purposes. Thus it is important to go through this communication option as well.

The principal media elements

Written word:  The reader can re-read it.

Spoken word: It has a specific meaning like the written word but the way they are spoken they communicate a message.

Still images: Images can deliver the message directly to the reader more easily.

Moving images: Involve body language and produce motion more in a more productive way than still images.

Non-verbal sound: Music creates emotions and sound effects generate realism.

Intranet: The internet is interactive so there are opportunities for feedback. Through still images can be unforgettable.  The message can be delivered with the use of text and images.

Radio: Radio is a quicker way to pass the message through the spoken words and sounds.

TV: The television allows spoken words, moving images and non-verbal sounds to been seen and heard by giving the message clearly.

Source: Stepherd, C. (1998). Accessing your communication options. Available:  Accessed 25th Aug 2011.

Each of the above communication methods and media elements are considered to play an important role in the world of business communication.  The effective adoption of such methods during the completion of the case study is seen as a must. As been stressed, the use of existing knowledge in association to the new knowledge to be derived especially on the field of moving objects and sound will be helpful in effectively upgrading the communication tools of CFU Credit4U.

In specific I will work on the following communication media as follows:

a)      Web page and Intranet

The intention is to use sound, moving images and animation on the website. The target is to use these but keeping the performance of the pages at a high level both concerning speed and quality. The last exercise will be the introduction of some interactive elements.

b)     CD and Computer Presentations

The intention for these two is to design an animated introduction based on the company’s theme. It can be attached with sound and animated figures for the main text.

c)      Board Animated Advertising

The plan is to design and create an effective animation suitable for the audience to understand.  It has to produce motion and be productive. 

d)     Email campaigns

The email can contain still images which they convey the message more easily to the reader.

e)      Brochures

The target for the leaflets is to contain written words and still images.  So, the message will go directly to the reader.

Concluding, it is important that during my MA study the reading of existing bibliography in the theme of moving image and sound in association to the communication methods should be done so that to enrich my knowledge on the field. Moreover, in order to succeed in my studies it is important to schedule the time in a smart way so that to affect my work positively.

Anna Ellina

Why creating a blog??..

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Hi there,

I am a newly  graduated animator and I am now doing my master on ” Moving Image and Sound”.  I created this blog to help me in keeping all my work and my thoughts together.