Man as Industrial Palace

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Masters Project

An animated and interactive installation based on the poster of the same title by Fritz Kahn from 1927.

Concept, interaction & animation: Henning M. Lederer
Sound-Design: David Indge

Animation / Website, Available at:

Henning Lederer had the idea to animated this poster in a way of explaining the functions of a body. His work includes a mixture of old and new technology. ”This new version of the “Industrial Palace“ is an interactive installation for the audience to interact with – and by this to explore the different cycles of this human machinery” (Lederer, 2011).

The animation evokes a smart and interesting view of the body, and Henning thought it very carefully. All the machinery inside the body are working exactly the same as our body parts work. Also he writes the names on the machines to guide the viewer. The style of the animation is very simple and ‘casual’. Meaning that the colors are solid with a touch of 3D in some parts, perhaps a few shadows. There is only one thing that I didn’t like which is the panning and zooming of the camera. It could be better if it had more close ups and moreover, the camera could follow the movement. The sound plays an important role in the animation, and I must say it’s incredible.

My animation will have the exact same result like Hennings. I will design lots of machineries and animate them in order to show what my company does.

IndustriePalast, 2011. Der Mensch als Industriepalast [Man as Industrial Palace]. [pdf] Available at: <> [Accessed 23 June 2012]

Vimeo, 2010. Der Mensch als Industriepalast [Man as Industrial Palace] [online]  Henning Lederer. Available at: <> [Accessed 30 June 2012]

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