Learning Aggreement

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Unit 4: Award Specific Taught Unit

For this unit I am proposing to create a 2 minutes soundtrack for my website. My idea is, when a customer enters the website, will see the company’s logo and will hear this sound. The sound could be abstract and might have a fantasy theme.

In order to create the sound I will experiment a lot:


  • Recording
    • Environment:  rocks, leaves, water splash, wind recording
    • Instruments: (sound room instruments)


  • Mixing
    • Experiment with the sounds


The reason I want to record all these natural sounds is because my logo has a paint splash on it and I might animate the paint.

I decided to do this because I’ll get the chance to attract the attention of the users of my website. Also I’ll gain the knowledge of creating a sound by recording various objects.

My intention for this unit is to submit the 2 minutes sound with a body of studio work which it will include:

  • Research on existing websites with sound
  • A short analysis of audio work
  • An online journal

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